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The ACE Study I
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The ACE Study I
Childhood Trauma and Adult Health
Part of the Series: The ACE Study

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The ACE Study I - Childhood Trauma and Adult Health
"I think of my training as a medical student; I learned nothing of this. I think every medical student should be taught about adverse childhood experiences, abuse, violence, and neurodevelopment,…
The ACE Study II: Healthcare Implications
Building on the findings described in Part I, this video describes the ACE Study's implications for medical evaluation, treatment, and training. The presenters also discuss research showing that comprehensive patient…

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I am so happy to see this film with Van der Kolk posted on this site. Our documentary (Is Your Story Making You Sick?) discusses ACEs and educating the public about the ACE studies. Our sincere hope is to start a conversation on how childhood trauma affects adult coping mechanisms. Kuddos ...Read more