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The Bridge Master's Daughter
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The Bridge Master's Daughter
Cultural Traditions in the Andean Highlands of Peru

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Comments (3)

Anonymous picture

very interesting and moving. I hope the bridge making continues. I hope Ruth Laurita gets out of this violent situation. I hope she goes home, goes back to school. It's dangerous to go back to him.

Elda avatar

Very well done. I hope the bridge making tradition continues for generations to come, with women participating somewhere down the line. Life within this desolate Peruvian landscape is also revealed. Not one bit of easy. The struggles are real, as are the steps taken for change. Some with ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Hi Elda,
Thank you for your kind words! My partner Elisa has been trying to keep tabs on her but it’s hard to communicate. She recently had this to say, "The last time I heard from Victoriano he said things were better. He said the families all intervened and talked to them. But I am ...Read more