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Death Kiss
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Death Kiss

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James avatar

This was an enjoyable date night movie with some dry humor to leaven the stereotyped drama. The leading man, David Manners, kept reminding me of Randolph Scot not so much visually, but vocally. I looked him up on Wkipedia where it related he left movie acting in the 1950s but still did ...Read more

Anonymous picture

People being murdered & laughing & smiling detectives. More Bela & less smiling. Enjoyable low budget movie.

Anonymous picture

The picture for Death Kiss 1933 is actually from Kiss of Death 1947.

Minami avatar

Thank you very much for letting us know! The correct image has now been uploaded.

Anonymous picture

The film that plays is in fact "Death Kiss" and not "Kiss of Death". The film is an enjoyable, but contrived, back-(sound)stage mystery. Some of the reels have some sound problems. For a Poverty Row studio surprisingly there is some color added in the final scenes. Worth watching, especially ...Read more