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Dementia 13
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Dementia 13

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Comments (8)

Anonymous picture

Loved this film!

Anonymous picture

Slow moving it does have its' creepy moments. Great "B" movie that presents strange questions. What kind of wife, without missing a drag on her ciggy sinks her hubby's body in the drink--Just another crazy family allowed to breed. Are they Irish?

Anonymous picture

I saw this film years ago on SBS. I am glad I was able to find this film on Kanopy. I highly recommend this film for fans of classic cinema & gothic horror.

Felix avatar

Only interesting if you want to see one of Coppola's early ones. Otherwise, skip it.

Russell avatar

I was pleasantly surprised by this gothic romp.

Coppola brings a visual complexity to what may have otherwise been standard spooky schlock. Shadowy interiors, unbalanced framing, and dense mise-en-scene work with some pretty clever editing make this a sumptuous terror to behold.

Richard avatar

One of the better Roger Corman productions :--}

Anonymous picture

It was a scream....hahaha

Anonymous picture

Not exactly The Godfather, but a nice eerie beginning for Coppola.