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Comments (13)

Anonymous picture

Extraordinary film. Tragic beyond measure. Like C., I hope that we humans evolve, sooner rather than later.

Anonymous picture

The fact that young boys did such a thing must mean that on some level the capacity for such violence is integral to being human. I believe one day humans will evolve so we are no longer be capable of hurting a living creature. I hope it's sooner than later.

Anonymous picture

I can't stomach this.....I had to stop watching. This is way to SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous picture

Very sad.

Anonymous picture

Those two child actors were phenomenal, especially Jon. The final interview with Jon sent chills down my spine. Incredibly dark, but worth a watch.

Marc avatar

The subject matter is shocking to say the least. This is short film making of the highest order.

Anonymous picture
kay louise

shocking. to think that these mothers were questioning the boys, but didn't walk with them to the police station! boys were amoral. I hope they had Psychiatric treatment. Incarceration is not the answer.

Anonymous picture

A gripping story, but I'm sorry I watched it. Very dark.

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Robert avatar

It's hard to realize that I watching a re-enactment. These boys are that good. In one word: WOW!

Anonymous picture

Excellent short. The boys are incredible actors. Chilling story, timeless tragedy.

Anonymous picture
kay louise

there is too much violence on film-here is a prime example. still not sure why I watched it. Horrible. Feel sorry for ALL the parents. glad they didn't show all the horror.
now to watch something uplifting!

Mina avatar

Absolutely chilling. And an amazing performance by these two children actors. Hard to separate fiction from fact.