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The Cats of an Ancient City

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Comments (16)

Rai avatar

The love between the people and cats in this documentary was really soothing.

Anonymous picture

Such a beautiful doco Film. The people of Istanbul with so much love in their hearts for their cats. Thank you to the Film makers a very enjoyable watch.

Anonymous picture

What a lovely doco. It warmed my heart to see such unconditional love from these Istanbul residents. And to see these cats enjoying their freedom and allowing humans into their lives in a wonderful balance. Such a wonderful insight into the nature of the cats and the locals.

Anonymous picture

Such a lovely film. Which gives the viewer an insight into the lives of the cats, but also of the people of Istanbul. It is so beautifully filmed too.

Anonymous picture

So beautiful totally different attitude to where I live in Australia. Thank you for such an uplifting creation and those who participated.

Anonymous picture

The director really understands cats! A lovely movie.

Anonymous picture

Beautiful film, a love letter to cats and cat lovers everywhere. Completely non-judgemental snapshot of how these cats live and how they enrich the lives of people around them.

Anonymous picture

Meow! Great cats and cinematography.

nurgul avatar

Great movie, beautifully done!

Anonymous picture

Utterly gorgeous!

Anonymous picture

Lovely film and so interesting to see how a different culture views and takes care of its 'homeless' city cats.

Anonymous picture

John Wanane Western Movies

Nick avatar

This was very pleasant to watch. It really captures the unique personalities of these 7 cool cats and the culturally rich streets of Instanbul.

Leslie avatar

Beautiful photography of Istanbul and its plethora of stray cats among a very indulgent, accommodating populace! There is a lot of love in this film.

Anonymous picture

Great to see the combination of cats, Istanbul and the people of that city.

Chelsea avatar

Kedi is fantastic. As someone who isn't necessarily a cat person, this was an intriguing and enticing watch.