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Leon the Professional
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Leon the Professional

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Comments (5)

Anonymous picture

Lolita with a gun? Nathalie Portman will always look good no matter how long she lives. It proves the validity of the old saying; "Nature smiles on some, and leaves the rest alone."

Anonymous picture

As a survivor of paedophilia I found the relationship between the two main characters quiet interesting. I didn't find it unhealthy necessarily, but more as a unique relationship that helped them both grow, evolve. I adored the movie and agree with the other comments about the amazing acting ...Read more

Ariel avatar

Natalie Portman delivers such a strong performance at a young age. I recently watched for the first time a few weeks ago and fell in love with it!

Simon avatar

What a masterpiece, Luc Besson will never do better than this... The movie hasn't taken a wrinkle in 20+ years! I love to re-watch it every once in a while.

Lauren avatar

One of my favorite films from the 90's. The acting and writing are both exemplary, especially for an action/crime film. Natalie Portman's best performance ever. Gary Oldman is a fantastic villain and Jean Reno is perfect as the stoic title character. Highly recommended!