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The Little Shop of Horrors
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The Little Shop of Horrors

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Comments (7)

Anonymous picture

I missed the soundtrack from the remake and the musical adaptation, but this was still fantastic! Jack Nicholson gave a great performance, he's got such innate talent.

Anonymous picture

This movie inspired chuckles from me! I will have to track down the remake in the near future to see how they compare.

Sarah avatar

This was a fun film to watch for the first time having only seen the 80's remake. While its hard not to miss Menken's catchy musical numbers, this campy cult classic still stands the test of time.

Anonymous picture

Jack Nicholson!

Anonymous picture

I can't believe it took me so long to finally watch it. The musical has been my favorite movie since it came out and I've built puppets for two stage productions. Somehow I always thought this would be unwatchable, but it's a strangely charming little movie.

Anonymous picture

I't is a classic, very interesting comedy.

Anonymous picture

If you like silly slapstick, this is for you.