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Comments (8)

Anonymous picture

Sad story. Two lovers who deeply care about one another but affected by one's focus on success and riches. I enjoyed it.

Anonymous picture

One of the worse want-to-be-student films I've ever seen. I can't think of anyone I would ever recommend this to waste their time watching.

Anonymous picture

Mixed feelings. The plot was original and had a lot of unexpected twists, but it was poorly executed because some of the acting was pretty amateur. Leah and the landlady were the only ones who could really act. Also, I noticed that the blow up pool they were using had white tape covering the ...Read more

Anonymous picture

The whole thing seemed very student film-like. A good student film but not polished. It all seemed a little... forced.

Anonymous picture

Hmmm..I liked it, but was a bit disappointed with the ending.

Anonymous picture

my god

Anonymous picture

wow. Incredible

Sarah avatar

This was a beautiful movie, very well acted, wonderfully shot, and I loved the music [and Gabby Hofmann, Ingrid Jungermann, and Michael Che!]. But, while the ending was different, the premise was too closely linked to Rosemary's baby for me to think about this film as a stand alone film. In ...Read more