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Night Tide
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Night Tide

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Anonymous picture

Wonderful location shots of post-decline pre-Marina Del Rey Venice, California were what originally drew me in. I've since watched the movie a couple more times. There's something about it, a haunting quality. It's something of a time capsule, a slice of beatnik beachnik history with jazz ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Worth watching alone for the lush black and white photography, succinct pacing, and atmosphere. Hopper is so young here that you feel amazed at the career he would go on to have -- both in Hollywood and his independent productions.

Anonymous picture

This a good film to watch when you want to relax, and not be too scared.

Russell avatar

If I had to guess what motivated the Academy Film Archive to restore this hauntingly odd and eerie cult gem, my first thought might be the languid camera movement and myriad other fascinating methods Harrington employs to draw us into every scene. The camera snakes down hallways and dives ...Read more

Katrina avatar

Bit of a misnomer to label this a "horror" movie; it's really more of a gothic romance. The most unsettling aspect of the movie is its gender politics, but hey you're allowed to like problematic things! And I did like this very much. Odd, dreamlike little film that ambles along on its own ...Read more