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The Red Turtle
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The Red Turtle
La tortue rouge

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Comments (6)

Anonymous picture

agree with below comments. Additionally, the hidden message is interesting and a puzzle to solve! Loved it!

Anonymous picture

An excellent film. The art is mesmerising and surreal. A heart-felt film for all children, young and old.

Anonymous picture

another ghibli wonder. great job to dudok de wit.

Bruce avatar

It is a rare event to see a film, such as this, made where the creator has the freedom and control to bring their vision to the screen. This film was not made to make millions, but to bring us what has been swirling around in Dudok de Wit’s head, probably for decades, and I’m glad he ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Superb colours. Work of art.

Anonymous picture

Calm, simple and engaging. Best for cozy Saturday afternoon with some hot chocolate! ????

No language spoken but it touches your heart... This is art.
Great job Studio Ghibli & Michael Dudok de Wit !