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Tortilla Soup
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Tortilla Soup

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Comments (11)

Leeta avatar

this IS NOT the title based on the book by Steinbeck...… just saying....

Anonymous picture

Opening credits note that it based on Ang Lee’s “Eat Drink Man Woman”. Still, nicely done. I like the subplots, as well. If you like this kind of film, check out “Babette’s Feast”. An oldie, but goodie.

Anonymous picture

It's basically Mexican "Eat Drink Man Woman" but really good and enjoyable too

Anonymous picture

Feel good, salivating inducing... Nothing beats sitting around a dinner table with family, drama and all, eating home cooked food. Perfecto.

Mickey avatar

Still a good 'un! Glad to have seen it again :) Thanks Kanopy. Now I off to my kitchen to make some food!! :D

Anonymous picture

Wonderful movie watched it three times never get bored of it.

Catherine avatar

It's not Japanese but Chinese - Ang Lee's Eat Drink Man Woman.

Anonymous picture

Not nearly as good as it's predecessor. A Japanese film called "Eat Drink Man Woman"

Akuli avatar

Loved it!!

Carrie avatar

ahhh the FOOD !! made with love ... and this movie is sweet , made with love too . I have watched it many times

Anonymous picture

Nice light movie. BUT The food looks amazing! I could almost smell it through the screen.