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Anonymous picture

Well done. There were a couple of points throughout where I wished for more clarity, but it ended up coming together. A powerful conclusion. 4/5

Ariel avatar

A heartbreaking short of a dark period in world history. I found myself contemplating afterwards about the young lives impacted by the horrors of the Holocaust - how many of those lives could have gone on to contribute great things to society? We will unfortunately never know. The act of love ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Not just lives, but inestimable contributions to society, the arts and sciences, lost to mankind for no reason at all except brute stupidity. And it's not just "people." It's the Catholic Church and its never-ending 500 year Counter-Reformation and religious dogma that stood silently behind ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Wow... the ridiculous nature of hate. Unnecessary. So many lives lost and taken that could easily have been saved!?

Iffah Suraya avatar
Iffah Suraya

wow, damals war die Deutsche vollig zum Kotzen.